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In commercial and home kitchens, automatic dishwashing frees hands for more creative work. Cooks rely on clean, sparkling dishes to please diners. And everyone expects dishes and cooking utensils to be safe and sanitary. That's the power of the dishwasher.

At Robertshaw®, we know that electronic and electromechanical timers are a central aspect of a dishwashing machine's effectiveness. The same holds true for water flow control, keeping the water flowing when and where it needs to go, even when mineral deposits and corrosion are part of the mix.

Dishwashing equipment combines all the essential timers, pumps, and valves in complex interdependent systems. Robertshaw has the engineering expertise to design components and controls that synchronize to serve up accuracy, durability, and high performance.  Rely on the original Robertshaw - Simply the Right ChoiceTM for dishwashing controls.