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Air Conditioning

Ever since ancient times, people have sought to create comfort by addressing excess heat and humidity in their living spaces. In 1902, American inventor Willis Carrier developed the first large-scale electrical air conditioning unit and revolutionized cooling in buildings.

Today, the number and variety of air conditioning solutions is vast and technologically advanced. Air conditioning is essential to productivity, health and relaxation in the single-family home, apartment building, institution, and office tower.

Robertshaw® understands the latest industry-standard AC components as individual parts, and as elements in complex cooling systems that reach every corner of the building. Controls for temperature, refrigeration, heat pumps, and zones combine and interact to deliver comfort, and reduce energy consumption. Robertshaw solutions are engineered for cool, calm, and collected performance in today's interior environments. 

Rely on the original Robertshaw - Simply the Right ChoiceTM for your air conditioning needs.