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All-In-One. Universal. Energy Saving. These are just some of the qualities that describe our cooking innovations. Always designed with our customers in mind, Robertshaw cooking controls for residential and commercial appliances meet the highest standards for quality and performance. Find out why our electromechanical and electronic controls are the best in the business.



Minimizing costs while expanding your global reach, that is the goal for every manufacturer. Robertshaw laundry innovations include next-generation water valves, timers and pressure controls that not only address common concerns, but also expedite the time-to-market process. Whatever your laundry concerns may be, Robertshaw engineers are ready to help.    


Robertshaw engineers have extensive experience at helping customers. Our team is ready to assist when unique and difficult challenges present themselves. Whether you need a design for a new appliance or a replacement for an existing control, our engineers are experts at designing solutions to keep your production lines running.


Quick to respond, Robertshaw engineers are ready to meet new government regulations. They understand the intricacies of complex heating systems, and work hard on both the customer and governmental requirements to find the best solution. Whether it's adding communicating controls or replacing backwards-compatible controls, our heating innovations are setting industry standards.


Robertshaw engineers go above and beyond. Their refrigeration solutions and innovations not only meet eco-design requirements, but they are also engineered to add functionality such as door sensors and light indicators. Working with customers across the industry, we continue to develop electrical and electromechanical controls to address energy saving needs.


Our engineers are constantly using their experience and expertise to develop and deliver cutting-edge solutions. Their knowledge in the field of mechanical water valve design has led to motorized coolant control valve technology that is the market leader. Our transportation innovations result in far-reaching effects.