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This item has been discontinued.


AKO 1535 Series Temperature Controller

The AKO® 1535 Series Temperature Controller is a versatile electronic control engineered to manager various refrigeration and cooking commercial applications. With its wide temperature range, NTC and PTC probe inputs, and ambient storage humidity range, the AKO 1535 Series can be used in ovens, industrial panels, and electrical panels for refrigeration applications. This series has intelligent menus and easy browsing for quick and intuitive configurations. Key shortcuts provide direct access to the most common functions to speed up typical operations. Plus, AKO's proprietary algorithms are tested to achieve greater energy efficiency. In addition, HACCP and installation status information is stored in memory to help maintain the control settings.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum flexibility, with a large number of electronic, mechanical and appearance combinations
  • Built-in universal power supply for installation anywhere in the world
  • Copy Card accessory - copies configuration from one controller to another
  • Configurable PTC/NTC temperature sensor inputs
  • Ability to integrate Modbus communications
  • Standard panel format with white display (in addition to monochrome green and blue)
  • Two outputs allow the controller to be used as a stage plus alarm
  • Automated processes for the configuration, calibration and verification of the entire controller in approximately 20 minutes
Series Application Temperature Controller
Electrical Rating100 up to 240V
Temperature Range -58°F to 212°F (-50°C to 100°C); Pt100 probe -99.9°C to 850°C; Thermocouple J -99.9°C to 800°C; Thermocouple K -99.9°C to 1370°C
Defrost CyclesCompressor shutdowns
Display Module Dimensions48mm x 48mm
SwitchR1 SPST Relay 6 Amps (250V) R2 SPDT Relay 5 Amps (250V)
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