Robertshaw® Launches New Website

  • January 25, 2016
  • By: Kathy Maynard

Robertshaw, a global engineering and manufacturing company of HVACR products, announces the launch of its new website,

Designed to deliver information faster and on multiple platforms, the Robertshaw website offers customers an optimized search engine to find product details, literature, and locations in a single touch of a screen or keyboard.

The new website features:  

  • Robertshaw engineering Innovations and Solutions through several product case studies
  • Product access and search functions on every page
  • Uni-Line® highly regarded competitor cross reference tool
  • Supplier partnership opportunities, and
  • Customer Toolbox with secure and fast access to recent transactions

“Through the collaborative efforts of our global professionals and feedback from our customers, our website environment now delivers an impressive and exciting multilingual platform for customers to use on any desktop or mobile device,” emphasized Andy Culver, Vice President, Business Development.

Robertshaw highlights its engineering capabilities through case studies which range from cooking to heating to refrigeration and even transportation.  Products distributed through Uni-Line® and OEM channels not only can be searched quickly by product number or name, but also refined through content filters to help navigate through the company's extensive product portfolio. In addition, visitors are provided immediate access to detailed product specifications, support materials, and competitor cross references as well as the ability to locate a local distributor to purchase products. 

A new Resource Center sets the standard for optimizing traditional Contact Us, Technical Services and Customer Services pages.  The Resource Center's universal icons make it simple and fast to reach Robertshaw, and for Robertshaw to respond to customers quickly. The new Resource Center also includes a robust Resource Library with technical and sales literature to download - many in multiple languages.

The secure Customer Toolbox, where customers can access recent transaction information, also received a major makeover.  Now, the Customer Toolbox homepage delivers an overview of the recent five transactions and provides one click, same page display of details for each one. Historical information for the past 12 months is also readily available. 

Robertshaw partnered with The C2 Group on the redesign, leveraging the firm's vast implementation experience on the Ektron content management system.  C2 is a Michigan-based, award-winning web experience provider specializing in CMS-powered websites and mobile applications. 

“The new Robertshaw web site experience speaks to the company's tradition of innovation and ingenuity,” said C2 Managing Partner Michael Kunzler. “We are grateful for our partnership with Robertshaw and proud to have worked closely with their team to provide a robust solution that meets the needs of internal stakeholders as well as end users.”

“With our investments in content management software to build the website, and the expertise of C2, we have built a first class site with capabilities which are required to continue enhancing it,” Andy emphasized.

“This is just the beginning,” stated Kathy Maynard, Director of Communications and Project Leader. “There are more engineering innovations to share, more products to highlight, and more tools to build.”