Next Generation Water Valves with Global Reach

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For appliance manufacturers whose products require water flow control, new regulations took on global proportion. The low-lead directives of Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and 2002/95/EC conflicted with legacy soldering processes. Regional differences contributed to inefficiency in assembly. Cost uncertainties stemmed from volatile commodity pricing.

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Robertshaw® engineers are accustomed to looking at the entire complex system for which controls are being developed. In this situation, we again took a big-picture approach, gathering our team of experts to design next-generation water valves that would meet the latest regulations.


A significant investment resulted in a smaller product package with global reach. Advanced modeling software helped optimize magnetic circuits. The new design addressed the quality concerns that were common across regions. Customers could minimize qualification and approval costs. In the process, we accelerated time-to-market for new variations and optimized production efficiency for the world market.

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