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Warmth is a simple concept. People like to be comfortable in the indoor environments where they spend so many hours, night and day. Dependable, pleasant temperature in residential, commercial, and institutional spaces is a fundamental expectation. Warmth should be a given.

The engineers of Robertshaw® are part of a century-long history of assuring warmth and comfort with reliable, dependable controls for furnaces, water heaters, burners, and boilers. Each of these is a unique and complex system, and we have experience across the whole comfort heating industry and its leading brands.

Our deep knowledge contributes to ongoing innovation and high performance in all our control products, including programmable and non-programmable wall thermostats, switches, ignitor and heat pump controls, a complete selection of gas valves, and more.  Rely on the original Robertshaw - Simply for the Right ChoiceTM for heating controls.