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On the road to leadership in its category, a premium electric car manufacturer recognized the need for high-performing coolant control valves. These valves would empower their automobile's thermal management system to conserve battery power and extend vehicle drive range. The rigor of an automotive application also demanded durability from the coolant control valve.

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Robertshaw® engineers have far-ranging, long-term experience in mechanical water valve design. We leveraged our expertise to design, develop, and manufacture the motorized coolant control valve technology that has become the market leader.

The Ranco® Motorized Coolant Control Valve takes commands from an electric vehicle's control unit to precisely vary coolant flow within the car's thermal management system, maintaining the desired temperature and extending driving range.


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This respected control solution now protects batteries, power electronics, drive units, and related components for automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers across the industry. There are far reaching effects of the proper solution.   

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