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    Robertshaw welcomed CastFutura into the Robertshaw family after acquiring the company in December of 2018.  The combination of the two companies has created the most comprehensive portfolio of gas delivery products and systems for appliance and commercial cooking and heating original equipment manufacturers.  

    Boiler Burner - CastFutura

    Since its founding in 1969, CastFutura has built a strong reputation and track record for offering innovative and reliable products for gas systems including burners, thermocouples, spark plugs, igniters and switch harnesses for cooktops and ovens, as well as ignition electrodes for various heating applications including standard and high-efficiency condensing boilers.  Headquartered in Terno D’Isola, Italy, CastFutura’s business serves primarily European, Middle Eastern and South American residential appliance and heating customers. 

    Slim Burner_CastFutura

    Today CastFutura is recognized as a global leader in the design and production of safe reliable products.  Their comprehensive portfolio of cooking and heating components are designed to supply optimal efficiency and performance in any environment.  Through close collaboration, our design engineers work with OEM customers to adapt and customize products to meet their specific needs and requirements. In addition, our extensive testing and lab capabilities ensure products meet critical energy, safety and environmental standards around the globe.  

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