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Liquid Lever Detector Series

The Robertshaw® Mini-Tek Liquid Level Detector is used to detect the levels of liquids in major diesel engines. The Robertshaw Mini-Tek operates on the electrostatic or capacitance sensing principle. The probe portion of the unit, extending into the liquid, produces a change in electrical capacitance when liquid displaces the air immediately surrounding the probe. The Robertshaw Mini-Tek detector will provide warning when liquid levels reach approximately 50% of capacity. This provides time to take action before damage is done to the engine. The Robertshaw Mini-Tek comes in three different models. Model 613 Coolant Level Detector, Model 614 Hydraulic Oil or Fuel Detector, Model 624 Motor or Gear Fuel or Oil Detector. 

Features and Benefits

  • Voltage Protected
  • Rugged Construction
  • All solid state with no moving parts
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Self-Test Capability 

    Terminal Configurations:
    Designation  Description
    0          Three Spade Terminals; +, SIG, TEST (no isolation).
    B    Four Spade Terminals; +, -, SIG, TEST (DC isolation is provided between the body and circuit). 
    C   Four Wire Leads ****#16 AWG; +, -, SIG, TEST (DC isolation is provided between the body and circuit). 
Series ApplicationLiquid Level Detector
Alarm ModeLow Liquid Level
Load ConfigurationUngrounded
Time DelayNone
Terminal Configuration0