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5225 Series Electric Thermostats
The Robertshaw® 5225 Series Limit Control is designed for any appliance where temperature protection is needed. All 5225 Series controls are non-adjustable, factory calibrated, and feature negative biased power element diaphragms. The 5225 Series is a proven safety control for commercial and specialty applications. They are available in automatic or manual reset versions with temperature settings from 425°F to 600°F (218°C to 316°C).

Features and Benefits
  • Bulb and capillary assemblies available in nickel plated copper
  • Available in manual reset or automatic operation
  • Control function is designed to interrupt power in the appliance circuit at the calibrated temperature
Series Application5225 (LCH) Series Electric Thermostat - Manual Reset Limit Controls
Factory Part NumberLCH-37-060-00-00
Temperature Range450°F
Capillary Length60"
Bulb Size5/16" x 3-5/8" Nickel
Mounting Type#1
CommentsPitco P5047213
Cross Reference
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Part # Manufacturer
23440 UNI-LINE
5047213 JC PITMAN & SONS
5225-C009 UNI-LINE
LCH-37-060-00-00 ROBERTSHAW
P5047213 PITCO