Ideal Cooking Thermostat Offers Menu of Features

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Custom controls represent a challenge for manufacturers of commercial cooking equipment. In commercial kitchens, custom solutions are often ordered up fast. Plus, these controls need to be stocked for 10 years to provide service for installed equipment.


Our experienced engineers recognized the need for a new, flexible solution, and worked with several manufacturers to determine a menu of features that an ideal electronic thermostat should offer.

Commercial Cooking

The Robertshaw® Universal Electronic Thermostat gives manufacturers the ability to factory program the temperature range, type of sensor, and several more parameters for each individual appliance on a manufacturing line. Manufacturers can stock a single part number that is available immediately for new equipment. Also, they can configure it easily to act as a replacement for legacy electromechanical thermostats. Imagine having what you need, when you need it without having to stock additional expensive inventory.

Doug Lanz

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Robertshaw engineers have the knowledge and expertise to provide flexible solutions for your commercial cooking equipment.  Contact Doug Lanz at +1 630 260 3047 or email to learn more about how we can deliver your next universal solution.


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