Cooking Innovations to Meet Global Regulations

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Worldwide, there is an enormous range of requirements for energy regulators on cooking ranges. Different regulatory approvals apply in different regions. The industry's ideal energy regulator would comply with all agency requirements, and handle multiple voltages and outputs.

Robertshaw® has more than a century's perspective on developing technological solutions for controlling complex systems in many variations. And we regularly analyze agency and physical requirements across the range industry.

Developing the Robertshaw® M Series energy regulator, our team designed a line that can manage multiple voltages, with single, dual, and triple output versions. With the smallest footprint for any regulator of its kind, the M Series fits the needs of manufacturers who produce appliances for markets with compact space requirements.

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Our expert engineers further streamlined availability by combining UL/CSA and CE approvals. Now, cooking range manufacturers can turn to one trusted, expert supplier for all their global energy regulator needs.  


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